Monday, July 20, 2015

the gateless gate

She wears the Veil as her garment
the Crown of Heaven on her head

She is the gateless gate into that which does not exist

Queen of my heart
she who is the Veil of the Mysteries

the womanly garment of love and protetion
the blue swathe of heaven folds
like a cape of eternity

I call on you my heart
to open your eyes
I beseech you to see

Dont be fooled by the pretty pictures
nor by the dream

She is the Mystery
that place which you call Home
In the middle of nowhere,
without any fences or gates
no front door beckoning

There in the midsts of her swirling
cape billowing into the borderless blue sky
there she waits for you, arms outstretched,
Heaven crowning through her
The mantle of Acceptance

                                                                           Hettienne Grobler 2015

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