Monday, May 5, 2014

I fall into the well of mystery,
arms, throat, heart, which is it?  I end only
to begin in your love, ending in myself.
Conceived by mystery, born in love, dying
in love, over and over, woven with the
unknown, a thread of fire holding
me up, drowning heart, throat, belly,
legs into the ghee melting on the
burning coals of existence in a body.  Can
you hear the sound which I
have become?  The eternal march of the
melted dripping self, on the hot fiery
road of bliss?  following an unseen drummer into
the invisible horizon?  My body lives in the
graveyard, with the indomitable Kali, ashes in
my hair, flowers blooming in every pore, paradise,
feeding all God's creatures.  I end as I begin, woven
with the mystery, an infinite thread soaked
in the bliss filled drum

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