Friday, May 9, 2014

Have you seen her?

Have you seen her?
behind the veil of the heart
in the dreamy fog of the story
she shimmers
Seemingly cloaked in subservience and sacrifice

Have you seen her?
 She wears the Veil of the Mysteries
a womanly garment of succor and life
Blue skies swathed into an eternal cape
growing the newly-lit flame into a fiery ladder
lighting the abyss of the mind

I call on you my heart, to open your eyes
I beg of you to stop looking
Don't be fooled by the pretty pictures

Nor by the fantastical dream

She is the Mystery, that place which you call home

In the middle of nothing,
Empty of desire
In the middle of nowhere
Devoid of fences or gates
No front door beckoning the way
No light shining brightly on the porch

There in the mists of her un-moving cape
Melting into the border less blue sky
Arms outstretched 
Heaven crowning
there she waits for you

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