Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Phantom of the Heart

Rebirth by Hettienne BhaktyMa

Forty days and forty nights,
she roams the desert plains.
Cloaked in tatters,
wearing her garment of grief,
lost in the wilderness of her mind.

Calling out, listening for a reply,
an echo to the walls of her heart.
Following the drumbeat
set by her feet.
Enslaved by its rhythm
always onward, forward.

Until she can no more!

She surrenders, gives in to exhaustion
willpower failing her
salt tears pooling mud
her love roots into the clay

Her bleeding heart blooms red
showers of petals set alight,
thorns sprouting a trailing vine,
paradise is found.


  1. so beautiful Ma- and it captures our 2.5 kilometre walk into Ereshkigal's labyrinth, reflecting so much on this xxx

  2. Dear Aja, thank you for your apt comment - reading this poem, that I wrote quite a while ago, again, I see how it captures the energy of that powerful walk and ritual! om jai maa jai

  3. such a vivid surrendering you paint with these words.


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