Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feast Day of Maria de Guadulupe

Mary, Maryam, Maria, Mari, Mares
Holy Woman

so much more
than a head bowed down

arrow fierce and fast
directed at the heart
no sin of error here

clock of power
all-embracingly blue

heart on fire
flowing from the sacred well

eternally walking on the bed of coals
you seduce me into dancing in the flames

eyes blinded
only the heart sees
and hears
the howling winds of compassion

screaming through my ribcage 
cracked open
finger by finger
pomegranate juice flowing in my veins

Persephone's ashes
caked with the tears of Demeter
entangled in the hair of Medusa

I follow where you lead
the perfume of your feet
the guiding light my holy woman

Ave Maria

Monday, October 22, 2012


Once again she arrives
moving ever so 
lightly, like a bird
she precariously rests on my shoulder.

And so too, once again, the angel
stirs the waters of the well
and hidden worlds
are revealed
drapes of colour and light,
magical trees alive with
dreams of hope and grace fluttering
their wings

the river of love, the sainted
singing tree sap in my veins,

such is grace.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Phantom of the Heart

Rebirth by Hettienne BhaktyMa

Forty days and forty nights,
she roams the desert plains.
Cloaked in tatters,
wearing her garment of grief,
lost in the wilderness of her mind.

Calling out, listening for a reply,
an echo to the walls of her heart.
Following the drumbeat
set by her feet.
Enslaved by its rhythm
always onward, forward.

Until she can no more!

She surrenders, gives in to exhaustion
willpower failing her
salt tears pooling mud
her love roots into the clay

Her bleeding heart blooms red
showers of petals set alight,
thorns sprouting a trailing vine,
paradise is found.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


The dance between form and light

The understanding of the mind that is it is own reflection

The realisation that the Beloved cannot be perceived

This tangled web collapses the mind into
pure bliss

a melted lake of now
a small bud
in Her Rosary of Ecstasy

Each bead in Her mala
of pure sweetness
devoid of all and none

Each bead of purity
puts me one breath closer to
wearing Her garland of fragrance

as you devour the now
you deliver us, into the Eternal Now.

As you give and we realise that we are deluded
into the mirror of our own creation
your taking me
delivers me into your sweet embrace


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Infinite Mother Kali

Infinite Mother Kali
Your love has left me nameless
And I can no longer say who I am

Sweet Mother Kali
It is your womb filled with endless love
That dissolves the veil of time

Great Mother Kali
Having tasted your Divine Love
I no longer want to exist
Beloved Mother Kali
I beseech you
Set me free
End the endless i-i-i
Put a stop to the wheel
Embrace me in your compassionate heart

Mother Kali
Sweet lover
Eternal mother
Infinite Love
I am nothing when not in You

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