Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am the One

I am the One
The eye of Love
Carried by wings
Growing from the heart

Stretching into dancing feet
In love with the Mother Divine

I pulsate with desire
I give to please
Surrounded by rhythm
Of a beating heart

Vortices of love and desire
Spinning in each round
Left for the moon
The other way for the sun

A pathway
Filled with fragrant
Moist purple flowers
Blossoming in the heat

A perfect white lily
Trumpeting its want
Dew trickling down
Its stem

As She opens her Heaven
To let the moon
Fly to the sun

Wednesday, September 28, 2011



words are all I have
they do not suffice
how to explain?
how to express 
this incredible love within?

I have become mute
and dumb
my tongue no longer exists

as I move, 
love moves through me
out into the world
becoming a grand old oak tree

as I breathe, 
love breathes through me
out into the world
and becomes
raindrops on my window pane

as I sit, 
it is as though Love
will crush me with Her embrace

I surrender, 
I weep
I am overcome
I disappear
only the golden embrace 
of soul

I release all words
I set free all desire
I release the need to express
as I burn in Love's fire

allowing it to consume me
the oblivion of my separate self
washed away
observing the totality
in terror
as the river breaks its banks
taking all shelter with it

Love becomes my shelter
Love becomes my kingdom
Love becomes I
I become Love

words no longer make sense
words no longer have value
words no longer exist
only as Love allows

Original Mixed Media : Song of my Soul by Hettienne 

Monday, September 26, 2011

She Who Is

Silently, gently

She treads on my heart

Moving quietly

Up my womb

Teasingly she awakens me

Hears my secret desire

Pleasure is mine, she says

Use it to worship me

Bring to me your deepest mystery

And it will release you into the temple of love

Passion fills your tender spaces

Love wing around your heart

Her strong and powerful wings

Wakes you up from your slumber

Eros arise

He who is divine

Filled with the knowing

Of the union within

Original artwork - Kali Ma by Hettienne

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Such is Love

Love undresses you

Peels off the layers

The masks of pretence

The coats of defence

Love reveals me

Bares me in all my nakedness

Behold! Such innocence

Radiant beauty within

Love leads me

Into the fires of hell

Into the the pit of fear

Into the mouth of the lion

Love victoriously


Ushers me out

Surrounded by legions of light

Love soars above me

Flying high

Holding my heart aloft

Wings tied to my feet

Never look down, never look down

Love is straight ahead!

Original oil painting by Hettienne

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I am the pigment of the paint

 the stroke of the knife

I am the stretch of the canvas

Receiving the paint

 a lover’s embrace

I am the seeing eye

The flame of the dancing vision

I am the breath

Giving birth to my form

I am the form

giving breath to myself

eternally breathing, birthing, breathing

I am the ecstasy

Of green rolling in the red

Blue gliding into resin

Oil snaking down

I am the painting

Making love to myself

Original oil painting by Hettienne

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


My heart belongs to Shiva

Oh my shivering heart
Fear not to trust
The call of your Soul

Follow wherever it may lead
From darkness into the Light

He beckons
He calls
He shows the Way

Sweet surrender into the moment
Drawing ever near

Closer than the eternal heartbeat
Closer than the shiver
Under your skin

Painting by Hettienne

Divine Mother

Your presence fills me
Your child I am

You move through my heart
Painting it with love’s design

Compassion flows forth
from your hands
Your touch opens me
I am your Voice

I carry you in my hips
I carry you in my gait
My womb holds your Secret Mystery

My breasts aflame with light
Radiant through my sacred heart
Feeding your children
Wherever we are

Oh Divine Mother
You move through me
You move me
You transform through me
You transform me

Eternal is my gratitude
Blessed are You

You are my wealth
You are my beauty
You are my gift

You I give to the world.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dreaming of Shiva


The love in his eyes
Awaken my desire

Golden light snaking
Across my skin
Perfumed fingertips
Trace every valley

My body dances
In rhythm to his drum

The sound of my heart
In harmony
With the taut violin
Every caress plucks a string
Offering every
Sweet sound, every sigh
To the Divine Fiddler.

He who carved my instrument
He who wrote the score
Honey fills the cavity
Of my chest
Heart set alight

Winged doves
Release through my body

The thrill of their feathers
My bare soul

Wave upon wave
Ripple upon ripple
Finding their way
To the heavens above

Soaring through the sky
Diving down to scoop up again
And again

Friday, September 16, 2011

Medusa of Light

I have a flower in my heart,
which blooms with Love.
Each petal is inscribed
with a gift for you.

Tiny is the seed,
ready to sprout
burrowing its roots deep
into my feet.

Throbbing, warm, alive.
Pulsating unseen,
breathing with the rhythm of Love.

She spreads her roots.
Her trunk is formed.
The Cosmic Tree Woman
reaches out to the moon and the sun.

Her branches
sweeps across the stars
hands filled with Light
claiming her own divinity.
She bridges the worlds
of night and day.

Lazily twined,
slithering amongst her leaves,
hair writhing,
live the serpents of light.
Filled with divine knowledge
of truth and might,
snaking in and snaking out.

Reaching out,
spreading far and wide,
pure potential,
gloriously wrathful,
she is the Medusa of Light.

image from

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Madness of Love

He who dies to himself
Finds love
He who loses his mind
Finds love
In the insanity
In the drunken madness
Is love and only love
Tell me, then, dear heart
What do you expect me to do?
As you fill with madness
My mind stops
As you will with drunkenness
 tears flood my eyes
As you become the karunai heart
My silence echoes like thunder.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ave Maria

Mary, Maryam, Maria, Mares
Holy Woman

So much more
Than a head bowed down

Arrow fierce and fast
Directed at the heart
No sin of error here

Cloak of power
All-embracingly blue

Heart on fire
Flowing from the sacred well

Eternally walking on the bed of coals
You seduce me into dancing in the flames

Eyes blinded
Only the heart sees
And hears
The howling winds of compassion

Screaming through my ribcage
Cracked open
Finger by finger
Pomegranate juice flowing in my veins

Persephone’s ashes
Caked with the tears of Demeter
Entangled in the hair of Medusa

I follow where you lead
The perfume of your feet
The guiding light my holy woman

Sacred Am I

Ave Maria

image :  Heart of Fire - original mixed media by Hettienne

Friday, September 9, 2011


My heart throbs
Love pulsates in my veins
Words of devotion
Spill across the page

The feather of a swan
Dipped in ink
Deep bloody red
Colour of passion mortal
And divine

A knife carves deeply
Into flesh
An eternal tattoo
Of love immortal
A perfect design

No sacrifice too big
No earthly gain enough
All that I am belongs to You
All that I will become
Laid down at Your feet

My lord, my Divine Beloved,
He who walks beside me
Hold my heart as
I hold Your hand
Words can never tell
Feelings can never fathom
The self can never understand

The depth, breadth and width
Of my eternal love
Dedicated to You

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eros, Daimon Lover

Heart of stone

Walls of the fortress

An onslaught on
the defenses
to protect

Hordes of demons
swarming the plains
mud creatures
dripping with revenge

flaming arrows
dipped in boiling oil
cuts through the air

deathly quiet
as it misses the mark

‘sinful whore’
the tyrant shouts
‘lust will be your master
desire forever thwarted’

senses entangled
a knot of chords
dancing in the eternal flames

the tortured cry
evokes lightning from the dark sky

the tower falls
I come tumbling down
pieces scattered everywhere
fragmented Light
shining redemption
as she rises from the rubble

seven veils flowing in the wind

the sun rising
the moon setting
a new day is born.

A Voice in the Wilderness

In the dark night sky
hair blowing in the winds
tribes gathered
spears aloft

a young warrior
muscles straining against rope
blinded by force
surrounded by authority 
devoid of power

clouds running across the face of the moon

‘your will shall die
no escape
We shall devour your heart
Own your strength

Across the square of stone
We will take you

Immortal life will be yours
If you follow the forces of power and might
Blinded gods who lead the fearful’

No-one hears the blinded hero, his call
‘free me, set me free
I am born a warrior
I am born to fight
I serve my people
I serve the One
I am the Hand of God’

"But instead
I have become your serf
Tied into the whims of power and might
pomp and ceremony
Welcoming strangers in the night"

A strip of dawn appears
The early light rises
The heavens wake up

A voice fills the hero’s heart and throat
‘I Am the Will
I Am the Way
I shall lead
I shall follow
I Am your Hand
Your wish is my command’

The blindfold becomes my eyes
The rope my strength
The battlefield transformed
Into my secret garden of forbidden delight

There is no war
There is no battle
No enemy, no fight
Only Divine Light

image from

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Come and Play

Come and Play

Oh my Lord and Purusha
Come down and play with me

In my golden garden
filled with the nectar made by bees
come and feel the warmth of the sun
basking on my honey skin
Come and be with me

On the dewy soft grass
in the pink morning light
Come and lie with me
Stretch out your back
open your arms
surrender the soles of your feet
to my feathery touch on your skin
Come and play with me

Open your legs to my warm oily caress
tastes of orange, clove and cinnamon
covers your skin
allow me to apply with a flick of my tongue
Come and lie with me

Slowly I remove my veils
revealing my throbbing self
your snaking hips
pressed against my softness
Come and dance with me

Setting alight the fiery passion
that wants to weld your powerful forge
into the sheath of my perfumed body
slowly easing the uncoiling snake
writhing with want
quivering with desire
up into my deepest mystery
flying on the wings of ecstasy

Hold me, encircle me
as I open to your heat
dive into my ocean
break the shell of my oyster
receive the glistening pearl
wet in its shining lustre
nestled in its salty flesh
awash with the waters
of the Divine Mother.

image from

Radiant Embrace

She finds Her way up in me
climbing the trellis of yearning
sensation in my throat
my heart bursting with longing
as I meet her inside
Her joy at My presence
rips the roof off the container
stars echoing in the sky.

image by

The Beloved

I breathe
You fill my nostrils
I sigh
You fill my lungs
May I receive your Love
Blessed am I

I move unexpectedly
to catch a forbidden glimpse of your face
May I sit at your feet
Blessed am I

When I fell, you picked me up
When I lost a child you held me
When I found my Call
You answered for me
May I hear your voice
Blessed am I

I dedicate to You
my Heart
I give to You
the keys of my Soul
May I receive your Light
Blessed am I

I commit to you every step I take
Every realization I gain
I offer to you
My warrior poet
Every word that tumbles from his lips
May I receive your Radiance
Blessed am I

I offer to you
My sacred dancer
Her grace and flexibility
Her swaying hips
May I receive your Grace
Blessed am I

I offer to you
My art
The stroke of my paintbrush
You hold my hand
I become the canvas
You the paint
May I receive your Presence
Blessed am I

I offer to you
My sensual Lovers
The heat of our intense desire
The smoke as it moves to the heavens
The ecstasy of coming together
 May I receive your Touch
Blessed am I

My heart belongs to You
As does my Soul
Every step is dedicated to follow
Through the freezing light
of the Underworld
into the forbidden garden of delight
facing demon and dragon
listening for the call

Oh my Beloved
Find me
Bring me back into the fold
Lead me into the perfumed garden
Into the temple of my soul.

Daughter of the Goddess

Daughter of the Goddess

Eternal Mother of mine
I belong to you
as you move in me,
I move in you.

Divine Mother, mother of mine
You hold me in your arms
Loved for evermore
You fill me with my eternal self
Carried in your embrace

A flower for your hair,
Today I paint your feet

The Light of your Grace
Shines in me,
A treasured truth
In my heart’s embrace

A Jewel am I
In the crown on your head

Forgotten are the dark dreams
Of childhoods past
Now I am yours
Now I belong
For ever more

Divine mother, mother of mine

Friday, September 2, 2011

Divine Embrace


I hear His voice,
 The sound of His sweet breath caressing my ear

In the softness of my skin,
In the most intimate folds of my body,
My heart comes alive, quivering, awake with desire

I throb with delicious heat.

I offer the sweet nectar of my thighs
 to His searing hot lips
His every touch lights the liquid fire in my skin,
I drink in every fluttering sensation, every delicate stroke, every
swirling caress in the full roundness of my body.

Love echoes against the hilltops of my throbbing breasts,
the golden light of yearning  shining through my nipples.
Love flows down the valley of my hips, swirls into the cauldron of my womb

Lover and Beloved joins in exquisite beauty

Waves of ecstasy build and wash ever higher
crashing onto the shores of my Heart,
breaking, splashing its white salty foam onto the jagged rocks
of my soul

I am Love I am Love
thunders through the skies of my being

 Heaven opens Her arms wide in complete surrender
Her body arching backwards
to form the night sky

Lover and Beloved is One

Image :



I fall down into You

dissolving like salt into water

the ocean of the womb

sucks and pulls

deeper into the night

which is the Light

Image :Dark And Light TWO by ~Latifa700 on deviantART

Cup of Nectar

Apricot Nectar - Oil by  Lyn Diefenbach 


Bitter sweet cup of agony and
ecstasy. Two lovers intertwined blesses
and receives, the eternal dance of life.

The vessel is pierced, thick juice of sacred fruit
bitter-sweet fills my cup, slowly blends with
my tears of desire, moving
up as one, pungent nectar,
exquisite drink of paradise, blooming
with God’s crowning glory, a perfumed
garden, faces turned to the sun, offering
nectar to the golden bee.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Birth of the Goddess of Love

Liquid fire
pours into my cup
the well of infinity empties Itself
through Your heart
It pours, washes, swirls,
cleans the debris
empties the Chalice of Saturn

oh lord of dark temptation
your chains cannot hold
your ties cannot bind
the searing liquid of Love

in the dark cauldron
red poison swirls
foaming into wine
all attachment dissolves
all sensation ceases

the chalice glints in the light of the blood moon
‘drink the poison and you shall find the cure’
the red swirls, contracts, heaves and moves
to receive

the Grace of the child
as She births
into the milk filled womb

all needs met,
all senses sated
suckling from the nurturing breast
encircled in the arms
of Her Eternal Mother

radiant, pure
She rises from the churning ocean
Naked, glistening in Her Beauty
Innocence Herself

Her heart contracts,
Love knocks within,
the doors of Heaven opens

Love is released into the world.