Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bhakty Maa

Bhakty Maa
Kali Maa

She dances within me
Her strength moves my feet
She dances through me
Her power fills my speech
She dances with me
Her love embraces my heart

Sweet, sweet mother
I taste your fragrant compassion
I disappear into your eternal embrace

Your eternal love calls me
Your infinite being steers me
Your endless presence guides me into
My deepest heart.

Heart of hearts
Pierce my mind
Allow the light of Mercy
To shine on my ignorant self 

The Hero

My warrior can sit back,
smoke his pipe at the end of a long day.
He has saved the damsel,
he has answered her cries.

Pierced the heart of the dragon,
setting the flames free.
No longer does she need to be sacrificed.
No longer does she need to pay the price.

Pure in white.
Rose in her heart,
flowers in her hair.
Heart radiant with love
Light flowing through her eyes.

Beholding all as love manifold
Love for the One
has no borders,
no boundary,
unconditionally flowing forth
from the eternal spring
buried deep
in earth red
liquid hot
in the Mother’s flaming heart.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wings of Love

You carry me
Nestled in the warmth
of your breast

Wings spread
Heart aflutter
Strength in fragility

Tiny bird bones
Carry and support
 with divine power

My heart grows wings
My throat clucks
My feathers shiver with joy
As love move through me

The sky turns red
Awash with Truth

I fly into Your pulsing Heart

My wings neither scorch
Nor do my feathers singe

I am Love
I am Love
I am the Dove
I am the Wings of Love

Monday, November 7, 2011

Candle in my Heart

Thighs shiny with heat
Taut muscles
Awaiting touch

Belly moving in the haze
Soft on soft
Yearning for caress
A candle of love lit
In my sacred chamber
Passion drips from the walls

Nipples tight with love
Pulling up the want
Into the wide gaping
Open heart
Aching for union
With the only One

He who is fire
My mind explodes at the sight
Of his flaming desire
My soul cries out
Come for me,
Make me yours

He takes me,
Circles around the sky,
Returns once more,
Surrounds me

I melt into his passion
Wax running down naked skin
His dancing flame
Penetrates into the dark

Gathers me and my heart
Rides us into infinity
Returns once more

Feel the arms of Love
Carried by wings of desire
Powerful, passionate
He carries me into a new day

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today hope was born
as I received my Purusha
in my Heart

She is carried by Faith
on the wings of Love

Hope of fulfillment
sweet nectar of life

Hope that the Golden City awaits
that he will make me whole

Hope that the virgin needs be no more

Hope that the marriage made in heaven will be

She rides in a chariot
drawn by two beasts
tamed and reigned
Intent on her goal

Hope offers the Holy Grail
the waters that flow
the red and the white
rushes to meet

introduced by Hope divine