Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Swan Princess

She glides gracefully on the mirror of water
Content to bask in the beauty of her own reflection

Arching her neck proudly
Arrogantly the crown glints in the light of the sun

One unto herself
She needs no-one

The waters stir
Passions churn
Old rotten leaves mulched into mud
Flies up, black everywhere
Water churns, splashes,
Intense waves form

In the white foam He appears
Wearing the moon on his crown

He surrounds her
Make her His
His embrace splits her being, pierces her heart
Radiant light snakes through their bodies
Conjoining them into One

Feathers splayed, wings spread
Stretching to the ends of the Sky
Necks arched
A halo of light as two crowns meet
Graceful heads bowed
 Love fulfilled

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  1. love that last stanza. Such beauty and grace. Such energy of life and love.


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