Friday, October 14, 2011

Ode to my Lord

Your love snakes like a fiery river
undulating through my soul

Setting alight the liquid desire within
igniting the passion for the Real

White-hot flames
Tempers the metal
Forges the steel
Honing my soul

Your love flows like a river of ecstasy
Melted ice seeps into my bones
Pooling love into the deserted plains
of my forsaken heart

Your love roars like heavenly winds
Screeching through my throat,
Howling with unearthly delight,
Sweeping me through the darkness,
Into the tunnel of light

With the touch of your fiery eyes,
the pure-white fire of your mind
with the gentlest whisper
the kindest word
With the lightest touch
of your beautiful hand
You melt the iron bars
that trap my soul

Your love breaks my cage
conquers the dragons of fear
Your love sets me free

Only to return
to the Eternal Spring

Where the Two becomes the One

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