Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Angel of Love

Love arrives,
unbidden, uninvited
cloaked by darkness,
unseen by most.

Carrying an armful of lilies
and in the other,
he holds a spear high.

A white lily for you
my sleeping princess,
as he kisses her awake.
The flower of innocence restored.

And another,
still wet with tears,
belong to you:
compassion to live in your heart.

And this one,
my sweetest love,
stood in the greenest fields,
danced the wildest
in the golden light,
and she carries your name.

A thousand years have passed.
You have always belonged to me.
I have come to be with you,
to wake you up,
to the memory of who you are.

It is time he says,
gently embracing her body
thrusting the spear into her heart.

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