Wednesday, September 28, 2011



words are all I have
they do not suffice
how to explain?
how to express 
this incredible love within?

I have become mute
and dumb
my tongue no longer exists

as I move, 
love moves through me
out into the world
becoming a grand old oak tree

as I breathe, 
love breathes through me
out into the world
and becomes
raindrops on my window pane

as I sit, 
it is as though Love
will crush me with Her embrace

I surrender, 
I weep
I am overcome
I disappear
only the golden embrace 
of soul

I release all words
I set free all desire
I release the need to express
as I burn in Love's fire

allowing it to consume me
the oblivion of my separate self
washed away
observing the totality
in terror
as the river breaks its banks
taking all shelter with it

Love becomes my shelter
Love becomes my kingdom
Love becomes I
I become Love

words no longer make sense
words no longer have value
words no longer exist
only as Love allows

Original Mixed Media : Song of my Soul by Hettienne 

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  1. such beauty within your heart flowing out into words and blessing us all.


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