Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Voice in the Wilderness

In the dark night sky
hair blowing in the winds
tribes gathered
spears aloft

a young warrior
muscles straining against rope
blinded by force
surrounded by authority 
devoid of power

clouds running across the face of the moon

‘your will shall die
no escape
We shall devour your heart
Own your strength

Across the square of stone
We will take you

Immortal life will be yours
If you follow the forces of power and might
Blinded gods who lead the fearful’

No-one hears the blinded hero, his call
‘free me, set me free
I am born a warrior
I am born to fight
I serve my people
I serve the One
I am the Hand of God’

"But instead
I have become your serf
Tied into the whims of power and might
pomp and ceremony
Welcoming strangers in the night"

A strip of dawn appears
The early light rises
The heavens wake up

A voice fills the hero’s heart and throat
‘I Am the Will
I Am the Way
I shall lead
I shall follow
I Am your Hand
Your wish is my command’

The blindfold becomes my eyes
The rope my strength
The battlefield transformed
Into my secret garden of forbidden delight

There is no war
There is no battle
No enemy, no fight
Only Divine Light

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