Friday, September 2, 2011

Divine Embrace


I hear His voice,
 The sound of His sweet breath caressing my ear

In the softness of my skin,
In the most intimate folds of my body,
My heart comes alive, quivering, awake with desire

I throb with delicious heat.

I offer the sweet nectar of my thighs
 to His searing hot lips
His every touch lights the liquid fire in my skin,
I drink in every fluttering sensation, every delicate stroke, every
swirling caress in the full roundness of my body.

Love echoes against the hilltops of my throbbing breasts,
the golden light of yearning  shining through my nipples.
Love flows down the valley of my hips, swirls into the cauldron of my womb

Lover and Beloved joins in exquisite beauty

Waves of ecstasy build and wash ever higher
crashing onto the shores of my Heart,
breaking, splashing its white salty foam onto the jagged rocks
of my soul

I am Love I am Love
thunders through the skies of my being

 Heaven opens Her arms wide in complete surrender
Her body arching backwards
to form the night sky

Lover and Beloved is One

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