Sunday, September 4, 2011

Come and Play

Come and Play

Oh my Lord and Purusha
Come down and play with me

In my golden garden
filled with the nectar made by bees
come and feel the warmth of the sun
basking on my honey skin
Come and be with me

On the dewy soft grass
in the pink morning light
Come and lie with me
Stretch out your back
open your arms
surrender the soles of your feet
to my feathery touch on your skin
Come and play with me

Open your legs to my warm oily caress
tastes of orange, clove and cinnamon
covers your skin
allow me to apply with a flick of my tongue
Come and lie with me

Slowly I remove my veils
revealing my throbbing self
your snaking hips
pressed against my softness
Come and dance with me

Setting alight the fiery passion
that wants to weld your powerful forge
into the sheath of my perfumed body
slowly easing the uncoiling snake
writhing with want
quivering with desire
up into my deepest mystery
flying on the wings of ecstasy

Hold me, encircle me
as I open to your heat
dive into my ocean
break the shell of my oyster
receive the glistening pearl
wet in its shining lustre
nestled in its salty flesh
awash with the waters
of the Divine Mother.

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  1. stunningly beautiful. Namaste dear one.


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