Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Birth of the Goddess of Love

Liquid fire
pours into my cup
the well of infinity empties Itself
through Your heart
It pours, washes, swirls,
cleans the debris
empties the Chalice of Saturn

oh lord of dark temptation
your chains cannot hold
your ties cannot bind
the searing liquid of Love

in the dark cauldron
red poison swirls
foaming into wine
all attachment dissolves
all sensation ceases

the chalice glints in the light of the blood moon
‘drink the poison and you shall find the cure’
the red swirls, contracts, heaves and moves
to receive

the Grace of the child
as She births
into the milk filled womb

all needs met,
all senses sated
suckling from the nurturing breast
encircled in the arms
of Her Eternal Mother

radiant, pure
She rises from the churning ocean
Naked, glistening in Her Beauty
Innocence Herself

Her heart contracts,
Love knocks within,
the doors of Heaven opens

Love is released into the world.


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